Volume 1 Issue 1

S# Title Authors Option
1. Ontology of Context-Aware Grid-Based Riverine Water Management System Muhammad Hussain Mughal, Zubair Ahmed Shaikh Download
2. Unsteady Incompressible Stokes Flow through Porous Pipe of Uniform Circular Cross Section with Periodic Suction and Injection Kaleemullah Bhatti, Abdul Majeed Siddiqui, Zarqa Bano Download
3. Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Complementary Stochastic Quadratic Operators of Finite-Dimensional Simplex Rawad Abdulghafor,Sherzod Turaev,Akram Zeki Download
4. SDN Low Latency for Medical Big Data Using Wavelets Fadia Shah, Jianping Li, Raheel Ahmed Memon Download
5. Increasing the Energy Efficiency of TICK by Selecting Adaptive Forwarding Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks Muhammad Ashraf, Muhammad Akram Download
6. Human Brain inspired Artificial Intelligence & Developmental Robotics Suresh Kumar, Patricia Sha Download
7. Enhancing the Statistical Filtering Scheme to Detect False Negative Attacks in Sensor Networkss Muhammad Akram, Muhammad Ashraf,Tae Ho Cho Download
8. A Fast Implementation of Minimum Spanning Tree Method and Applying it to Kruskal’s and Prim’s Algorithms Badri Munier, Muhammad Aleem, Muhammad Arshad Islam, Muhammad Azhar Iqbal,Waqar Mehmood Download
9. A Study of Wearable Bio-Sensor Technologies and Applications in Healthcare Amir Mehmood,Adnan Nadeem, Kashif Rizwan, Nadeem Mahmood,Ahmad Waqas Download
10. Fast Performance Computing Model for Smart Distributed Power Systems Umair Younas, B. Khan, S. M. Ali,Alfredo Vaccaro Download
11. Pervasive Electricity Distribution System Muhammad Usman Tahir, Mohammad Asif Khan, Ahmad Waqas, Shahneel Siddiqui Download
12. Spatial Data Analysis: Recommendations for Educational Infrastructure in Sindh Abdul Aziz Ansari, M. Abdul Rehman, Ahmad Waqas, Shafaq Siddiqui Download
13. Improvement of Requirement Elicitation Process through Cognitive Psychology Sana Fatima, Qamar Uddin Khand, Jawaid Ahmed Siddique,Zulfiqar Ali Memon Download
14. Optimizing Distributed Machine Learning for Large Scale EEG Data Set M Bilal Shaikh, M Abdul Rehman, Attaullah Sahito Download

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